Luca De Angelis, Formula 1 Track support Engineer at EM Motorsport, explains, ‘We’ve been working alongside the FIA to design and build this system. The flag signalling LED panels have been developed to be very visible and allow very clear marshalling that cannot be misunderstood from the drivers and are strategically placed on the track so that marshals can be placed in a safe location.

‘We analysed the tracks with the FIA focusing on the speed and trajectory of the cars all the way around and place panels in locations where they can distract the driver in a way that gets their attention. The LED panels display a flag that is exceptionally bright, clear and colour correct, so the drivers are very clear about what is going on on-track.

‘For example, before a left-hander, a panel is positioned on the right side of the track because the drivers tend to move to the right side of the track before turning in left. We spent years understanding where the driver is looking so we can place the panel in the correct position.

‘Our system allows the marshals controlling the panels to stand away from the barriers where they would have to stand to wave a flag. That allows them to stand in a safer position away from the track furniture, and, in many cases, it allows them to have a better view of the section of the track they are marshalling.’

Flag Panel location on track is critical for visibility for drivers. Credit: EM Motorsport