This is an important step as this protection is designed to prevent three forms of injury: impact with flat or curved structures; impact with steering wheel or edge of seat; and impact with the steering column. It can withstand 60J of energy to the chest and 100J of energy to the ribs, which ensures that the force transmitted to the body is no more than 1kN during an impact.

The main advantage of the new chest and rib protection is that it enables free movement of the arms, body, head and neck while being worn. Drivers can tailor the vest to their body size to ensure comfort, with dedicated versions for female drivers to be made available.

The standard is the result of extensive research and consultation with the FIA’s Industry Working Group (IWG), to ensure that a product was created that is effective, accessible and affordable for drivers at grassroots level.

OMP KS-1 Pro rib protector