Traditionally, tappings are drilled in the test article where scanners can capture the air pressure data. Now, EvoScann® pressure patches can provide measurement without the need for drilling holes in pre-existing test articles.

The pressure patch is a low profile aluminium chamber with a stainless-steel tube protruding from it. It fixes to the test article with an appropriate adhesive. The footprint of the pressure patch is just under 20mm wide and the tube, 47mm long making for minimal aerodynamic influence on the surface on which the pressure measurement is taking place. Additionally, with the use of pitot tubes, aerodynamicists can use this system to measure speeds and yaw angles on the test subject.

By using EvoScann® and keeping the tubing as short as a few centimetres, much of the system uncertainty is removed, ensuring that measurement is done at the point of interest, delivering digital data directly via CANbus, without the need for special software or hardware interface.