Learn to make progressive lay in horse racing

One of the betting strategies in horse racing that gives more revenue is the progressive lay. We explain what it is.

In this article we are going to touch again the issue of progressive lay as a betting system, but this time related to strategies in horse racing. Like any other progressive lay, we must be clear that the strategy of progressive lay in horse racing is designed to obtain significant long-term gains, since by its structure the margin in favor that could be obtained per race is minimal.

We must start the analysis remembering that like any bet, this strategy in horse racing, will give us benefits or losses, according to the design we make for the bankroll and the stake to put into practice, and especially to the selection of races made. For this we need to have discipline in relation to investment, and patience when choosing the race for the bet.

Let’s start with this last point, and the recommendation is to bet on a test with a good amount of participating horses (not less than 7 or 8), and that about half of them have a payment ratio of less than a certain fee, which we could estimate it between 8 and 10. This gives us an idea that at least in theory it is a couple career that is the essential factor for proper selection. We are also one of those who preferably recommend short distance races (5.6 or 7 furlongs), which generally facilitate an even arrival over the long breath tests.

It should be emphasized that the choice of careers to bet, is the cornerstone for the success or not of the strategy, since if we intend to use it in the vast majority of competitions we are destined to a sure failure. That is why we talk about patience, since there will be weeks where we may only find 5 or 6 suitable races, and even days where we do not see any.

We finish the pre-bet analysis, pointing out that the stake to be used in this strategy of progressive lay in horse racing must be the same for each quota selected, while the recommendation for the bankroll not to risk in a race more than 5% of the total bank.

Already related to the execution of the bet itself, basically this strategy in horse racing, consists of making three different lays to each participating copy, always with the same stake. The general recommendation in relation to the quotas to choose, are those of 3.20, 2.50 and 1.80, where the smaller quota is nevertheless high enough to favor the strategy.

In the end, the success and profit margin in the race, will depend on how closed the end of the race may be, since the more horses are included in the race, the greater the number of lays we achieve.