Everything you need to know about Freebets

We explain what Freebets are and what is important to know about them when obtaining them with the promotions of the bookmakers.

Literally, Freebets means free bet but, is there anything really free today? And, above all, in the field of betting? Let’s talk a little about this.

As the name implies they are, or rather should be, free bets. In short, a bet where our money is not at risk, where we can win and not lose, but in practice, is this so? Bookmakers need to attract customers and the strategies that have been validated consist of offering bonuses, free bets, doubling the balance that we initially place on them, among other modalities.

The easiest way to obtain Freebets is by registering at bookmakers, although some also offer loyalty among their users, as prizes for obtaining some achievement in them or as a promotion for new bets or markets.

At first glance everything seems fine but you always have to read the conditions of these gifts thoroughly. Many times what is lost is more than what is earned, especially if we are not aware of what we are doing or do not correctly interpret the restrictions imposed on us to release the benefits we can obtain.

Just think, is someone in your right mind going to give us money for no reason? The answer is obvious: no! The bookmakers want to attract customers and estimate that once inside they will continue betting and if they are inexperienced losing money, that is their business and as such it is necessary to understand it, it is on the part of the punters to train to reverse this trend.

Frequently, when they give us free plays among the most common conditions, we have to play the free amount “n” many times to release the winnings that may have been produced (watch out for this !, the winnings are released and not the “ capital “that” gave us “) and if things do not go well the bettor ends up placing more money from his pocket in the hope of ridding the coveted bonus. Other conditions that are usually placed is to restrict markets, or establish a minimum quota (usually a little high), in addition to limiting the time in which the offer is valid.Failure to fulfill at least one of the conditions, immediately, eliminates the possibility of receiving our reward, but already a% of the people who entered out of curiosity in the bookmaker will have gotten hooked and will continue to bet regularly with their own money, always looking to get that stroke of luck that makes them win a lot of money (in sports betting, luck has a weight, which tends to be less as we handle more information).

In my opinion, not even the houses that offer Freebets just for registering without needing to make any deposit are not giving anything for free, because not only do they condition us but they are obtaining information from us that is valuable to them, in any case They are buying us that information, so for free nothing.

To conclude, they can certainly become a source of income, but it is also possible that they make us waste time and money trying to free them, the fundamental thing in these cases is to read and understand the terms and conditions very well and if we believe we are able to fulfill them because we give ourselves the task of trying to free the Freebets; otherwise, it is better not to take care of them and place our bets in the traditional way. Like everything in life, it’s a matter of taste.